Cuboidal Jewel Box


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Product Description

Heirlooms and personal possessions are material statements of finest sentiments. Their emotional appeal is ever lasting and their presence is always inspiring and refreshing. This exquisite cuboidal jewellery Box in silver filigree standing on firm reliefs is curved convex at the bottom and is plain and rectilinear at the top. The elegant trellis work of about 500 man hours with plush vegetal lattice arrays on all sides rivet the attention of any connoisseur of art. With the facility to personalize the box with a choice motto or logo, this is an indispensable possession for any art lover.


Product Code: VJ06

Product Dimensions: 17.5 X 12.5 X 9 cm

Note: Product dimensions & price will vary on individual product and its specific design intricacies.


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