“Each souvenir has a story to tell, an emotion to share and an occasion to cherish. Anahata’s evergreen filigree articles are fit for all occasions and for all seasons. They go beyond the limits of time to keep the memory of the person and the moment eternal”



God has evoked awe and wonder in humanity since time immemorial. Anahata brings the mesmerizing collection of divinity handcrafted to the finest detail which is bound to inspire the devout. The collection includes lord ganesha, durga mata, lord shiva, lord balaji on glass base, minaret lamp stands, t-lights, and more in beautiful filigree art and different sizes.


From individual attire to the line of precious wares used in Weddings resemble royal class, status and fine taste of the families. Anahata’s wedding collection encompasses elegant art, mesmerizing beauty which will delight the bridegroom and make them crave for it. The wedding collection includes beautiful clutches, emerald studded clutches, hand mirror, comb, keychain, vermillion boxes to bring out a beautiful wedding trousseau for the bride to be.
Swan sprinkler


Everyone loves decorating their homes and devote so much time and energy to keep it beautiful. Our GRHA artefact collection is for people who love adorning their homes with exquisite piece of art with substance. Anahata has many wonderful art pieces like fruit bowl, flying swan, memory stands, tissue paper holder, platters and serving trays which can make your home look beautiful and splendid.


Anahata’s exclusive collection provides multiple choices to corporate people to give thoughtful gifts to their business associates, partners to enrich and cement their relationship further. This thoughtful collections has beautiful business card holders, photo frames, stone studded writing pens, paper cutters, gorgeous bookmarks for the reader in you, and many more.



The heirloom collection has filigree articles that are fit for personal possessions, and items which take from almost 300 to 4,500 man hours to create one piece under supervision of 3-4 master artisans. The category has limited edition pieces like the Vintage Automobile and Jeweled Srikara Balaji.