Anahata brings to your doorsteps an age-old tradition, an almost forgotten and lost art – the Filigree. It found mention in Archaeological finds in ancient Mesopotamia that indicate its use in jewellery since 3000 BC. Filigree is a handcrafted work that entails kneading, twining and melding of precious metals likes of which the world has not seen before. These extraordinary works of art held and transferred as heirlooms are a result of long hours of meticulous work by dedicated hands.

Every item of filigree is handcrafted by committed artisans depending upon the complexity of the design. The matrix of the design is first hand-drawn with pure silver wires; gossamer-thin silver filaments are then melded onto it to form an ethereal work of trellis. These 3D designs are outcomes of long hours of meticulous and painstaking handcrafted work. It takes close to 300 to 4500 man-hours to make a single piece.

Anahata Creations is a noble endeavor and the brainchild of founder and owner Mrs. Ragini Grandhi (of the GMR Group family), who is an artist herself and has great passion for the forgotten art of filigree. She formed Anahata to support the cause of the dwindling community of filigree artisans who are facing great odds to revive and restore this art to its past glory and pre-eminence. “There are barely a hundred devout filigree artisans left in Telangana. With Anahata, we hope to provide a global platform to foster the growth and development of the art. That means a win-win situation for both artisans and patrons,” she says.

Mrs. Ragini Grandhi is the visionary and driving force behind Anahata Filigree art. She understands that without patronage the craft will die. Therefore, she intends to provide a global platform to the diminishing art and its artisans through this unique range of filigree products under the brand name – Anahata.



Taj Khazana

The literal meaning of Khazana is treasure or treasure trove that one can find at Anahata Khazana at the Taj Khazana which is a chain of luxury lifestyle stores that are located across India in many cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Goa in select Taj Hotels. An Indian boutique with a global appeal, Taj Khazana is a tribute to the boundless creative talent of Indian artisans and craftsmen.

The Vogue Wedding Show 2017

Anahata exhibited at the The Vogue Wedding Show 2017, which is a must-visit wedding exhibition for all brides and grooms for their wedding shopping curated by Vogue India. It is one-of-its-kind wedding extravaganza with the leaders from fashion, jewellery and wedding gifting industry .


Vogue Wedding Company is a personalised, wedding advisory and introduction service. The service combines Vogue’s expertise with state-of-the-art technology, helping you select the right products and services for the perfect wedding of your dreams! Gift silver filigree artefacts from Anahata to your friends and family for them to remember and cherish your wedding day for years!

Oberoi Tijori

At Tijori, the in-house boutique at The Oberoi group founded in 1934, One can find an intricate blend of ancient skills and modern aesthetics that manifest in beautiful miniature paintings, artefacts and jewellery. Pick your favorite Anahata artefact from The Oberoi Gurgaon and Delhi which have a quality selection of handpicked jewellery, local and Indian handicrafts and textiles, decorative items, gifts, books, accessories and sundries.

Terminal 1D, IGI Airport

William Penn is among world’s biggest multi-brand retail chains for luxury writing instruments & accessories. The retail chain features more than 20 well known international brands and it has been able to establish itself as a destination for premium writing instruments and luxury business accessories with its stores in premium malls and in all major airports in the country. You can find the exclusive Samuha – Corporate collection of Anahata at William Penn, Terminal-1, IGI Airport.


Anyque – The Gifting Co. is a premium gifting store that brings renowned brands of the gifting world under one roof located in  Select CITYWALK, Saket popular shopping centre Delhi. Gift your loved ones handcrafted silver filigree artefacts of Anahata from here.



Silver is beaten and drawn into hair-thin wire or balls of beads first; then, the wire or a combination of wire and beads is soldered onto a pre-designed metal framework. Thin strips of fine silver in zigzag are used to create a “Jali” effect which bestows a unique charm to the artifact. These meticulously crafted exquisite pieces of art require two or three artisans working under a master. Varying with the complexity and the size of the design, a single artifact could take anywhere between a couple of weeks to couple of months to finish.

From decorative items to corporate products, these versatile artifacts can be customized now to suit the taste of the customer.


Committing itself for the promotion of filigree, Anahata envisions a bright future for the art and the artisan community. It intends to set up collaborative production units with artisans and provide a global marketing support.