Product Availability

The availability of the product under the offer to sell is subject to change without notice prior to the purchase of the product by you. However, there may be circumstances where the product may not be available to be delivered to you after the purchase transaction. In such an event, Anahata may cancel such purchase transaction without any recourse to you and without any liability to Anahata. If your order is so cancelled, after the payment has been processed, the said amount will be reversed/ remitted by you either to the ban account provided by you for such reversal, or to your payment instrument from which payment was made, or to any of your pre-paid payment instrument account. Anahata shall have the sole discretion to determine the mode of reversal from the above options.

Product Information

Anahata advises its customers and potential customers to go through the product details thoroughly before making their minds and deciding on the transaction and placing the order. All the sale of product is governed by the description and specification of the product, terms or warranties provided in addition to these terms.

There are relevant sections containing useful information that may be vital and key determinants in your purchase

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Pricing Information

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The selling price of the product is subject to change without notice prior to the product by you. The selling price is provided on the website is on “as is” basis. Due to technical reasons there may be errors in selling price which may be corrected by the Anahata at any time and any acceptance of offer of sale by you of the product subject to such faulty selling price shall, subject to discretion of Anahata not be valid acceptance and such transaction can be avoided by Anahata.

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