• Regular light wiping to be done with a soft dry cloth.
  • Anti-tarnish duster is recommended for cleaning the silver filigree articles.
  • Polishing should be handled by professionals only.
  • Cling wrap the articles for long-term storage.
  • Refrain from using household products for cleaning silver articles and wrapping them in any kind of printed papers while storing.


The raw materials are high purity silver threads, copper and other polishing/welding material.

High purity silver is used for Anahata Filigree articles.

Pure silver develops a black coating over time due to oxidation of silver. However if maintained as instructed, the product will stay tarnish-free for a longer time.

  • It is made of high quality pure silver threads
  • The intricacy of the design requires highly skilled artisans to spend many meticulous dedicated man-hours to complete the artwork.
  • The designs are unique one-of –a-kind

Absolutely. Our filigree masters both enjoy and excel the challenge of working on and creating new and custom made items.

The designs are intricate and are joined by welding. The entire piece is made of the silver metal which by itself is not breakable. It needs to handled with care and gentleness.

  • Filigree has been popular in India for over 4 Millennia.
  • Filigree is the most delicate and exquisite rendition of silver handicraft using high purity silver wire strips to generate intricate designs and unique patterns.
  • This coveted fine art has been an integral part of Indian culture from ancient times. It flourished throughout India, particularly in the East and the South.
  • Filigree like any other art calls for long hours of patient and dedicated work.
  • With its returns being not commensurate, it’s dying a slow death. Currently there are less than 100 skilled artisans continuing the tradition.

“ANAHATA” is an Indian Silver filigree luxury brand. Anahata is passionate about :

  • Promoting the art and take it to true connoisseurs of art.
  • Rrestoring the glorious ancient art its hoary past
  • Supporting the dwindling community of artisans
  • Attracting and encouraging artisans through collaborative production
  • Providing original & contemporary designs
  • Providing a global platform to filigree